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The VC Blog

Hello citizens,

My name is Shrey Kotecha, founder and director of Vegan City ltd.

Being surrounded by Vegan family members and friends for the past few years allowed me to come to the conclusion that there are simply not enough unique Vegan products in our current market. What do I mean by unique? Well, have you heard of a Turmeric and Cinnamon flavored cookie? At Vegan City, we plan to offer such products. More so, we will increase accessibility of these products with a free 1-day delivery service.

With a lot of companies developing suitable and acceptable alternatives to Vegan diets it is no longer a challenge for Vegans to find suitable replacements. This is mainly due to the fact that Veganism is on an exponential curve - and has been for quite a few years now! Due to this, we aim to provide support and information through our weekly blogs and regular seminars.

We would love to hear about your journey through Veganism (if you're Vegan!) so far and what the positive and negative attributes to being Vegan are.

I look forward to further sharing more news and updates about Veganism and what we do next!

You can personally email me at:

Best Wishes,

Shrey Kotecha


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